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SignMate - Cloud-based digital signage : Control your digital signage everywhere and everytime

SignMate is a Digital Signage Software that use to control advertisement on TV display (TV, LED monitor). It can help you control your display via Internet wherever you are. And you also can change the content at anytime. Our software license start at 20 USD per month

SignMate is support to use with a TV / Computer monitor every brand and every sizes just connect your TV / monitor to an Android Box. That's it, you can change your TV / monitor to a digital signage display. Which an Android Box specification that we recommend is 2GB ram in minimum. You can find our software pricing plan by following this link

What is a Digital Signage?

  • Bringing TV, Computer display (LED, LCD etc.) to place at anywhere you want such as your storefront, expo, office etc.
  • To advertise your product, promotion and any information of your business more interesting
  • Present your information more interesting with multimedia content such as video, high definition image, Slideshow, Text marquee etc.

How to try SignMate Usage example

How is SignMate help you control your digital signage?

SignMate comes with many functions that help you can manage and control your digital signage that you installed in many places around the country or the world including 3 main functions following

ควบคุม Digital Signage ผ่านอินเทอร์เน็ต

Manage and control your digital signage with internet

  • Control your own digital signages from center using your computer connected to internet
  • Reduce a mistake to change the content / advertising to your digital signages. It is not matter how many digital signages do you installed. SignMate can handle it!
  • Easy to deploy your digital signage as a group of player / individual player.
  • Control from single center (everywhere) to many places.
  • Ready to use! You don't need to install your own server, we provide and maintain it for you.


Manage your own layout. You ads is getting more interesting

  • Support to design your own layout (Screen proportion). We also have layout templates to let you get start it easily.
  • Support many kind of content such as picture, video, text scrolling and even Website URL etc.
  • Unlimited layout in one campaign. In one campaign, you can create many layouts as you want to let your digital signage run your ads as a timeline.
  • Easy to design, we provide many tutorial videos to cover every functions.


Advance scheduling to change your ads / promotion

  • If you have a promotion plan, you can do it now in advance with scheduling function
  • 2 types scheduling including one time period scheduling and repeating event scheduling (Run every day with specific a duration such as 1PM to 2PM).
  • Don't worry to forgot to change advertising anymore, you can do it now.

Except above functions, we also have many another functions that help you create your digital signage easily such as monitoring device status (online / offline) system or even command a device to capture screen and send it back etc. If you interested to use SignMate for your business, please contact us

Example of Digital Signage

You can design your own digital signage easily just prepare your photo (product, store's environment or anything you want to present to your customers). Then upload that photos into SignMate software, that's it. You can bring a digital signage to present to your customer easily (See more examples at here)


Design and present an interesting content to your customers


Advertising your product and promotion at store front

menu boards

Change your simple menu boards as a Digital Menu Boards


Recommend your signature menus, it can help you made a sale easily

Digital Promotion

Present your store promotion with Digital promotion more interesting

menu boards

Recomment an interesting menus at your store front

Benefit of Digital Signage

Why you shoud use Digital Signage in your business (Read more)

More interesting

With high definition of your monitor. It can made a content look more interesting than traditional signage

Reduce costing

Traditional signage, It has a cost when you change the content. But digital signage can change it with no cost.

Increase Sales

There is some research that you can made more sales about 3-5% with Digital Signage technology

Improve Branding

Bringing this technology to your business. It can help improve your brand modernize.

Less investment

If you already have TV or any monitors. Just buy an Android Box to show your digital signage

Change anytime

Changing your content at anytime via internet. This can reduce time to print a traditional signage

Revenue Channel

If your location has many people walk through, You can monitize from your digital signage with banner.


How many digital signage you have, you can control all of it at anywhere just have internet

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