What is SignMate?

What is Digital Signage?

It is like a traditional signage that present your product, promotions to your customers to attract more interesting. But the digital signage is to show your signage via monitor (TV, computer display) instead of printing media. It help you business looks modernize. We always see this technology (Digital Signage) at restaurant and coffee shop to show their menus, promotion etc.

In the past, this technology has a high cost to do it. So, SignMate comes to solve this pain point to let SMEs and also enterprise can use this technology worthily. With the pricing plan "Pay as you use".

SignMate คืออะไร?

SignMate is a software that help you can manage and control your digital signage easily. For example: if you want to change signage at your store / shop, you can change it immediately with SignMate using personal computer at anytime just connect to Internet. So, you can manage your digital signage at anywhere in case of you've setted up a digital signage in many places around the world.

Our Partner

Except SignMate platform, we also have another platform within our company named Keeate. It is a platform to let anyone can create their own mobile application. There are about 200 applications created with this platforms that published on App Store and Google Play. So, you can confident us that we have a strong and expertise team to develop this platform

Mobile App Maker

Create your own application by yourself easily

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