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FAQ - Below is a question and answer that we get from our clients frequency. But if you want to ask us more question, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are pleased to answer any questions from you

What is a Digital Signage?

It is like a traditional signage that present your product, promotions to your customers to attract more interesting. But the digital signage is to show your signage via monitor (TV, computer display) instead of printing media. It help you business looks modernize. We always see this technology (Digital Signage) at restaurant and coffee shop to show their menus, promotion etc.

To help you more understand, please read more details at here

What is SignMate?

SignMate is a software license that help you manage your digital signage easily. For example: if you want to change your promotion at digital signage, you can do it with SignMate software using your own personal computer that connect to Internet. You can manage it at anytime you want. If you set up a digital signage many places, you also can use our software control all of its at single place with your computer.

To help you more understand, please read more details at here

Am I neccessary to purchase Android Box from SignMate?

Don't worry, if you already have a monitor (TV or computer display that support HDMI, VGA or DVI) and Android Box, you can start it immediately. No need to purchase from us

Where can I buy an Android Box?

You can buy an Android Box at any website which the price depends on specification of that device. But if you prefer to buy from us, please take a look at here

How many player I can try?

You can try our software 14 days free only 1 devices.

Do you have any training? If any, is there any cost?

Yes, we have a training to help our clients use our software, setting up a digital signage by yourself. We'll notify you at our website and any channels such as Line, email etc.

What kind of businesses should use a digital signage?

Almost every businesses should use a digital signage because the digital signage is not just an advertising media, it also be an announcement media. So, if you have your own company and you want to announce any news of your company to employees, you also can use digital signage to handle it.

Can I subscribe monthly?

No, our software license is an annual plan

What happend if I don't continue subscribe your software license?

You will get expiration message when you launch "SignMate" application on Android Box. So, you have to renew our license to continue using our software

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