Pricing Table

Software Packages

Normally when you want to install a digital signage for your business, the cost is so expensive. But now, SignMate provide a software license that help you pay as you use (annually) which means if you want to set up digital signage only 1 screen, so you pay just 1 software license.

Terms of service

* Screen means number of device (screen / monitor / player) that you use for display your ads. For example: if you want to set up 10 Digital signage screens, so you need to subscribe 10 software license screen
* Above price exclude tax
* If your storage is not enough, please contact us to quote a storage price

Estimation of the cost

To setting up one digital signage screen including 1. Monitor / Screen / Display / TV and 2. Android Box (Player) Which you can buy both of them from anywhere you want. SignMate can support every screen / TV whatever brands or size.

For example, to estimate the cost of setting up one digital signage including 1. Android Box and 2. Software License (Not include screen) The cost will be:

1. Android Box $90
2. Software License subscription 1 screen which cost $120 / year (Assume you use the SMEs package)

So, total cost will be $210 (Exclude tax) per one digital signage screen. Next year, you just pay for software license which is $120 / year

In case of you want to set up many many screens, please contact us to get the best price for you.

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