Quick Start

1. Sign Up at SignMate.co

The first step is you have to sign up at https://app.signmate.co Which you can try our software 14 days free. (See how to sign up here)

2. Design and manage your digital signage

Then, you have to design and manage your digital signage (campaign) that you want to let that content shows on your screen (TV, Computer display). (If you already have followed step 1, you'll see that the system will create a single default player automatically to you)

3. Download SignMate application on Google Play Store

Make a download an application here After you launched an application, the application will generate device ID for your device. You need to use this ID to register your device on SignMate Back-Office (Content management system)

* Downloading an application, you can use smart phone, tablet that works on Android operating system or Android Box and connect it to the monitor (TV, computer display)

4. Register your Device ID at Back Office

Get back to Back Office (If you are not logged-in, please log in before). Then, get into player menu (at the left of menu sidebar). You'll see player list that you have. In each player row, you'll find a button "Register Device" to register your device ID that you got from step 3.

Put the device ID that you got from SignMate appliation (Android), then click submit to confirm register.

5. Verify your device using SignMate application

Get back to SignMate application (Your device, player). You'll see the link "Click here to verify", click it. Then, the system will check that whether you register a right device ID.

6. Application will show signage on your device

Once the system already checked your device ID, the application will display signage as you design on the campaign that you selected in step 2.

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